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IIIT-NR has truly world class, campus-wide state of the art information technology tools that are designed to meet the computing and communication needs of the institute, which has a fast, reliable and rugged computer network of more than 600 Nodes. In order to facilitate proper teaching aid, all classrooms here are equipped with projectors and audio systems and has two smart classrooms. All the hostels, cafeteria, academic block, guest house, multipurpose hall and residences, are connected through redundant 10 gigabit fiber backbone network. All the blocks are connected through layer 2 & 3 switches to provide 1Gbps connectivity at the user end. Wireless network with 84 indoor access points and 9 outdoor access point is also enabled to give total campus Wi-Fi coverage. All traffic for internet both inbound and outbound passes though UTM.

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Where To Find:- 131C
Email:- abir@iiitnr.edu.in 


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Email:- lalit@iiitnr.edu.in 

Data Centre: IIIT-NR has a full-fledged data center of its own. It hosts 5 half blade form factor Inten XEON servers in a 16 slot chassis and has network unified storage of 30 TB. The datacentre is powered by redundant 100KVA UPS with N+1 backup.  All servers are connected to Internet by public IPs.

Virtual machines on cloud: -  The Institute has VMware Venter cluster perpetual licenses. VM cluster is formed with 1 Physical server failover configuration with total computation power of 80 CPU cores and 1TB of RAM.  All logical servers are created on top VM hypervisor which is managed by Venter server, this setup is a private cloud setup for IIIT-NR usage. Date of all virtual machines are kept at SAN and are backed up weekly using VMware EMC backup system.Institute also uses open source  ProxMox Hypervisor in cluster for one Xeon server dedicated for under grad students project.

Infrastructure Servers: - IT infrastructure uses servers for providing various important services to the institute. The servers are primarily all open source Linux based system. Severs like webserver, mail server, DHCP server, Active directory and internal DNS server. Public DNS server, helpdesk server, Library server, Moodle server, Oracle database server, and many more license server used for infrastructure of the institute. All the servers are created on VM cluster as mentioned above.

Compute Server: - IT Department issues server infrastructure to students, faculty members to cater their computational needs on requirement basis. This is also issued from the VM cluster as mentioned above. Currently 2 computational servers have been issued to students and faculty to carry our research and project work. Apart for that One server with open source ProxMox Hypervisor in  dedicated for Under grad students project.

Internet Access: Through a 200 Mbps Internet leased line from BSNL  with an  active–active connection of 100 Mbps from NKN.  Another backup of 10 Mbps on RF is also available as emergency backup for servers only. Internet connection range is provided through both LAN and Wi-Fi in all blocks inclusive of residences, academic, dinning and hostels.

IP Telephony: Our entire Campus is equipped with IP telephony. It has 55 IP phones and more than 40 analog phones 

Video Conferencing: Polycom Real presence HD   VC System is available with multi party conference facility.

VPN: It can be used to access all IIIT-NR IT resources from outside campus using any Internet connection.

Software: Institute holds licenses on various software like  VMware, Microsoft Office, Synopsys , Cadence , Ansys, Matlab , Netsim, Oracle, Wordsworth, CST etc. These are used by students, staff and faculty members. LabView,  Simulink, Orcad


Operating Systems and Services:- The institute mainly focuses on usage of free operating system like Ubuntu etc. But keeping in view of long term requirements, the institute also has licenses for Microsoft Windows MSDN dreams park account to upgrade/install their Microsoft products.

Desktop clients:-  The institute has 375desktops, 10 workstations at various labs and offices, 31 laptops and 50printers and scanners. For labs institute has one server, 15TB  Network unified storage dedicated for high end computing

Eclassroom :-  Institute has  two 120 sitters E-Classrooms. Equipped for two way (remote and IIIT-NR) interactive lectures. In this setup  16 simultaneous classrooms can be connected. Live streaming and recoding of lectures are being done using the Eclassroom Facility.




IIIT–Naya Raipur Plot No. 7, Sector 24, Near Purkhoti Muktangan, Atal Nagar – 493661 Chhattisgarh

Tel:- (0771) 2474040

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Academic Affairs:-registrar@iiitnr.edu.in

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M.Tech. Admissions:-  mtech_admissions@iiitnr.ac.in

Route from Raipur Railway Station to IIIT-NR:  https://goo.gl/maps/99ScvLnW9aT2

Route from Raipur Airport to IIIT-NR:  https://goo.gl/maps/B1sLfu9iRDk

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