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International Institute of Information Technology


About The App:-

IIIT Connect (Version 2.0) launched on 11th August 2016 by Rohit Kumar Singh and Arijit Saha

Currently Only Available on Android Devices.

Specifications of the App:-

1. Book Bazzar:-It is the online e-commerce app based portal where old engineering books are sold to the new students at a rate which is decided very low.

2. Notifications:-You will get immediate notifications of the upcoming events like tests, submission of assignments and different events going to happen in the campus.

3. Events/Happening:-It lists down both the Upcoming events and the Latest events in details of IIIT Naya Raipur.

4. Photo Gallery:- It makes you relive a moment by showing you the photographs of different events of IIITNR.

5. Important Documents/Notices:-It displays the important notices like Academic Calendar, Mess Menu, Examination Schedues, Time Table.

6. Student Of the Month:- The most interesting feature of IIIT Connect. Here both students and faculty members can vote their favourite student using their unique Verification Code.

7. Student Contact:- It displays the details of all students of IIITNR including their Contact Numbers, Email ID, Branch, Room No's.

8. Societies and Clubs:- Here anyone can find the various societies of IIIT NR and also check out their official websites and join them also.

Directions of Installing The App:-

Install the "IIIT Connect" from Google Play from the following link:-


Connect with us:-

Drop us an email at connectiiit@gmail.com

Join AppetIIIT at https://goo.gl/forms/fv4m3X8STEBR63vM

Check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/appetiiit/

Check our Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEdri7kmhRPwMIjxLZGMOQQ




IIIT–Naya Raipur Plot No. 7, Sector 24, Near Purkhoti Muktangan, Atal Nagar – 493661 Chhattisgarh

Tel:- (0771) 2474040

General Information:-  iiitnr@iiitnr.ac.in

Convocation:- convocation@iiitnr.edu.in

Academic Affairs:-registrar@iiitnr.edu.in

HR:- recruitment@iiitnr.ac.in

Placement:- placement@iiitnr.ac.in

B.Tech Admissions:-  btech_admissions@iiitnr.ac.in

Ph.D. Admissions:-  phd_admissions@iiitnr.ac.in

M.Tech. Admissions:-  mtech_admissions@iiitnr.ac.in

Route from Raipur Railway Station to IIIT-NR:  https://goo.gl/maps/99ScvLnW9aT2

Route from Raipur Airport to IIIT-NR:  https://goo.gl/maps/B1sLfu9iRDk

Useful Services:     

OLA Cabs : (0771) 3355335

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