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Guest House Accommodation

The IIIT Naya Raipur is facilitated with a Guest House having 20 Rooms including three VIP Suites. In order to ensure smooth functioning of Guest House following Guidelines shall be followed diligently by all concern.

Manager Guest House:-The Overall management of Guest House will be directly under the Manager (Guest House) who will be presently the Estate Officer under the Guidance of Registrar/Director of the Institute.

Care Taker: - The micro level management of Guest House will be done by the Care Taker of Guest house who will function under the supervision of the Manager Guest House.

Housekeeping persons:-The Guest House shall be cleaned daily through outsourced persons under the supervision of the caretaker which shall be regularly inspected by the Manager of the Guest House.

Security Personnel:-Round the clock security shall be provided in the guest house.

Allotment of Rooms:-The allotment of Rooms will be done by Manager Guest House with prior approval of Registrar for normal rooms and for Suits approval of Director is to be obtained.

Requisition for Rooms:-The format for requisition for rooms may be uploaded in the website of IIITNR which can be mailed to the Manager (Guest House). ( Copy of Requisition Is enclosed as Annexure A)

Rate list for Rooms:-The rate list of Rooms for different categories of Guest is attached as Annexure –B

Consumables:-To ensure smooth functioning of Guest House consumables shall be kept stocked with the caretaker and sufficient inventory to be maintained all the time Monthly reconciliation of the stock shall be carried out by the Accountant and discrepancy reported to the Estate officer

Collection of Charges:-The rental charges paid by guest shall be collected by caretaker duly acknowledged. The fee collected shall be deposited with the accountant on day to day basis. Monthly reconciliation of the fees collected shall be carried out by the Account Officer.

Complaint/suggestion registers: - Complaint/suggestion Register to be kept on reception to improve upon our quality on the basis of feedback obtained from distinguished Guest.

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IIIT–Naya Raipur Plot No. 7, Sector 24, Near Purkhoti Muktangan, Naya Raipur – 493661 Chhattisgarh

Tel:- (0771) 2474040

General Information:-  iiitnr@iiitnr.ac.in

Academic Affairs:-  registrar@iiitnr.edu.in

HR:- recruitment@iiitnr.ac.in

B.TECH Admissions:-  admission@iiitnr.ac.in

Ph.D. Admissions:-  phd_admissions@iiitnr.ac.in

Route from Raipur Railway Station to IIIT-NR:  https://goo.gl/maps/99ScvLnW9aT2

Route from Raipur Airport to IIIT-NR:  https://goo.gl/maps/B1sLfu9iRDk

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